Yongsters' Corner - Poems

Please Wash Me Up

- Promi Saha (8)

“Please wash me up”, said the fork,
I’m covered with slimy jelly.

“Please wash me up”, said the plate,
I’m covered with yucky spaghetti.

“Please wash me up”, said the spoon,
I’m covered with squishy potato.

“Please wash me up”, said the knife
I’m covered with melted butter.

“Please wash me up”, said the bowl,
I’m covered with gooey dough.

“Please wash me up”, said the grater,
I’m covered with smelly garlic.

Walk by the See

- Puja Sarker (9)

I was walking by the sea,
Something gave a tap on me;
I got frightened and turned around,
Nothing came or nothing was found;
I looked up and to the ground
Then I heard a hissing sound
I kept on walking
Still I heard soft talking
I looked back to the sea
And looked down to my knee
There was something on my pants
They looked like tiny ants.
I picked them up
And put them in a toy cup
I ran through my bedroom door
They repeated hut two three four
I put them on my bed
And then I said
Hello, Fellows
Wonderful day, Isn’t it today
They gave a harsh scream
Suddenly they grew very big
They became as fat as pig
They changed to weird creatures
Having tentacles with disgusting features
They picked me in
I gave a scream, Dad patted me, I was lucky
It was only a dream.


- Nishi (11)

There is no happy love except Mum.
Freedom some time so hard
everywhere to jump.
There is no land to live
except motherland to believe.
Love & affection in Bangladesh
as much & nature of gift.
If so why ‘MUM’ we want to shift.
Faith become weak on god
if will get every thing easily,
Danger teach us much to call god
when we face difficulty.

“Maa Durga Festival Day”

- Santa Dey (11)

I pause by the edge of the water this beautiful day
catching glimmering reflections of spring
There I see butterflies fluttering near the suns ray
And listening to the birds sing
Breathing in the smell of the glorious spring air,
Holding a bird in my hand with careful care
Making sure today is cherished in my mind forever
Since I don’t want to forget it, ever
The lushness of the forest surrounds me.
Full of tall beautiful trees
But you might wonder why I think
This day of spring is so important to me
Its because today is Maa Durga festival you see!!
Today the air is full of happiness and laughter
Dancing and singing before and after
Maa Durga gives us peace
And made evil cease.

The Four Seasons

- Aditi Halder (12)

Heavy Fruits hang from laden trees,
About to fall in the slightest breeze.
Hats and fans now come out,
For the warmest season, none can doubt.
The leaves are fading, more rains occur.
People take out their jackets of fur.
A gale shakes branches and causes a storm
Of coloured leaves to hit the lawn.
The sky is grey; the trees are bare.
Breath steams upon the chilly air.
The harsh wind seeps through cracks and doors,
Causing noses to run and throats to sore.
New leaves awaken, flowers bloom,
Warmer days begin to loom.
Both plants and grasses begin to thrive,
Hoses and sprinklers will soon arrive.


- Snigdha Dey (13)

Have you ever felt that a person
Was so annoying you could hit her?
I have many, many times
And in this case it’s my sister.
Sisters are sly and Tricky
And you might not know how sisters act
So let me say not all sisters are good
And I say this as a fact
Though then again they can be angels,
And very, very bliss
But I should get on with my poem
And tell you how life is.
She pulls my hair, she tears my dress
She tells me she likes others best
I eat her sweets, I hide her doll
I never come whenever she calls
I begin to scratch, she begins to bite
This is how we start our fight
Then we begin to scream and yell
After that everything’s hell
But when mum and dad
Start to worry
We look at each other
And pretend to say sorry
As we grew, and old we became
This rivalry was given a name
It blossomed as a flower would
And in its place was sisterhood.
"I serve the cake, she pours the tea,
We build a house under the tree.
In grown up clothes, we play all parts,
Secrets told, we cross our hearts.
Though she knows the things I dream of,
The places where I’ve been,
She accepts the person I’ve become,
We’re a very special team.
She’s always been there for me,
No matter where I roam,
And whenever we’re together,
It’s just like being home
We share a special bond
That only sisters can share
We sometimes can be unreasonable
But at the end we’re always fair.
God made us sisters,
But we made us friends.
And this is how it will be for us
Until the very end.

Save The World!

- Debadrita Guha (14)

So you want to save the whole world
Take care of the environment
Save the animals - and the people too
Why ignore it? Why forget it?
Be different!
Why not try to save the world?
Because some goals are so worthy,
It’s glorious even to fail
But you won’t
Just do your thing
In your own special way
Change the world today
To make tomorrow better
No matter how you try
No matter what you do
One day, someone out there
Will be thanking you