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06 August 2007

There are ample evidence exists globally that stress the importance of language and culture. For many years the concentration on language and culture has been at the forefront for the researchers and linguists around the world (including Australia) to identify issues that influence the preservation of a nation’s language and culture. The researchers and academics suggest that to preserve your culture in a multicultural society like Australia, it is imperative to keep the language alive among the next generation.

In this backdrop, the BSPC (Bangladesh Society for Puja and Culture) Inc with a one year funding arrangement from the CRC (Community Relations Commission) of the NSW (New South Wales) Government of Australia started a community school since August 2003. The school, originally known as Bangladeshi Community School and Parents Resource Centre was later renamed as BSPC Bangla School.

Recently, during the fiscal year 2006-2007 the BSPC Bangla School has temporarily been postponed due to lack of students, unavailability of volunteer teachers and unavailability of suitable venues to run the classes. Therefore, based on the recommendation of previous BSPC EC (Executive Committee) a review process has been undertaken to identify issues which can be addressed. Primary focus of this review was to explore the possibility of re-opening the school in a sustainable manner in terms of maximum student participation and economic viability.

Current BSPC EC (2007-2008) has therefore been seriously considering the re-opening of Bangla School in a modified manner based on the review findings and recommendation. It is expected that more students and parents will be attracted to the school activities once it is opened. Initiatives are underway to consult prospective students and parents which will be helpful in our effort to modify the school activity plans, methods of instruction and parent involvement. The BSPC members and non members alike are requested to provide their valuable opinion, suggestions and maximize their participation in the Bangla School reopening process. Any of the EC members can be contacted to discuss Bangla School related matters.

History of BSPC Bangla School

14 July 2007

The BSPC Bangla School, until recently known as the ‘Bangladeshi Community School and Parents Resource Centre’, was established in August 2003. The school started with funding received from the Community Relations Commission (CRC) for the project “Bangladeshi Community School and Parents Resource Centre”. Application for this project was submitted in July 2002.

With a very positive attitude and a lot of excitement, the Society’s one dream came true. The school was opened by our society member Mrs Renuka Roy Chowdhury in the absence of her husband Mr Samarendra Roy Chowdhury (due to his ill health) on the 17th August 2003. Based on members’ survey results, the school started with Bangla Literature and Music classes. Mrs Sumita Dey and Mrs Fahima Mahjabin were appointed as teachers for music and literature classes respectively. Towards the end of the school term, both the teachers were replaced by Mrs Nilima Mohajan and Mrs Kalpana Majumder for Literature and Music respectively. The school started with about 20 students. Burwood Public School was the campus for our project school. School ran fortnightly on Sundays from 3-6pm.

The CRC grant was received only for one year. There has been no further financial grant for the running of the school. But as per BSPC’s long term dream, it continued running the school with the help of parents (through nominal financial contribution per student). The school ran for three years.

In the last year of the school, a dance class was included in the school curriculum. All students from dance and music classes have already impressed the audiences with their beautiful performances in a few programs. The school had 17 students on the enrolment. The school was running at Haberfield Community Centre, Haberfield from 3-6pm on Sundays fortnightly. The school had three qualified teachers. They are Mrs Zobaida Samina (Heaven) for Bangla Literature, Mrs Rani Aklima for Music and Mrs Mousumi Saha for Bangla Dance.

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