Yongsters' Corner - Stories

A Historic Walk On The Harbour Bridge

- Bristie Ghosh (9)

This year we celebrated the 75th birthday of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was a historic occasion. Everybody in my family was very excited to take part in the walk.

We boarded a train at Hurstville station to North Sydney. At the station we saw a boy jumped off the train which was dangerous.

The walk started on the north side of the bridge. There were thousands of people. However, it was a festive and peaceful environment.

Everyone was given a cap, but my brother wanted my one, so we swapped our caps.

While on the bridge we saw a helicopter hovering over our heads, taking videos of us for the news.

After the walk we sat near the Opera House and took our food like a picnic.

Finally we limped onto Circular Quay station to take a train back home.